Friday, April 20, 2012

Tween Bedroom Redesign

I've been working on my tweens' bedroom this week!  My twin daughters are definitely wise beyond their years and wanted to ditch their lilac purple walls and create a room that felt more age appropriate (to them...I'm still struggling to figure out when they turned the corner). 

The trouble with identical twins sharing a bedroom is that, although they share the same DNA, they have very different opinions about how they wanted their bedroom to represent them.  "Twin A" likes the color blue and ALL things Selena Gomez.  While "twin B" loves bubble gum pink and puppies.  Which means Mama's gotta work extra hard to tie this altogether.

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Royal Design Studio in this redesign and they solved my problem!  With a wall stencil, I would be able to incorporate both of their favorite hues - teal blue and bubblegum pink.  There are so many wall stencils to choose from but they finally agreed that the "Allover Tiger Stripes" stencil was the winner!  With gentle coaxing I was able to explain that this should still be a peaceful place for them (they do go to bed at 8:30), so we chose paint colors that were airy and not super saturated.  We also chose to focus the stencil on 2 of the four walls in their bedroom.

Here's a quick inspiration board I whipped up.  And let's just say inspiration boards are not my forte.  After the wall stencil is complete (lots of pictures will be posted...and a GIVEAWAY to a reader), I'll be working on a wall length desk for the girls.  Currently, they use the dining room table for homework assignments, so it will be great for them to have a space of their own.  The desk from the inspiration board is from Young House Love and is pretty close to what I have in mind.  They also need chairs to go with their desk and I was lucky enough to find two matching, funky chairs in my furniture hoard in the basement that will be great!  They have a trellis-like pattern such as the chairs on the inspiration board that are from My Little Happy Place.

I have lots of other fun accessories to brighten up this space and I can't wait to share the end result! 
AND I'll be offering a wall stencil from Royal Design Studio of your choosing.  Stay tuned!
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