Friday, February 17, 2012

Thrift Store Jackpot

I love thrift stores.  This is no secret.  I have a handful of favorites but there's one that always tops my list.  The prices are right and with it being located in a great town, the items are usually from high end stores (and not what you'd typically find in a thrift store).  It's located in a tiny cape-turned-thrift-store with the proceeds supporting local charities.  I vividly remember shopping there with my Mom throughout my childhood.  On one particular trip I spotted a colorful, beaded necklace with birds all over it that was perfect for my very eccentric elementary school principal.  It's funny the things we remember because I'm sure my Mom wouldn't but she was nice enough to oblige me. 
What amazes me is that this store is still around, hasn't changed a bit, and now my children will be making memories there.  They always have a promotion running and this week happened to be "kids choose a free toy".  My daughter was trying to choose between a Hungry Hungry Hippos game and a brand new Hello Kitty Ipod skin...see what I mean, quality stuff!
I thought I hit the jackpot last year when I came across TWO new pairs of Abercrombie jeans (tags still attached) in my size for $2.50 each.  Yeah, I was excited!  When I popped in earlier this week, luck was again on my side.  Downstairs in the basement is where they keep glass wares, fabric, pillows, and various cooking/serving supplies.  Down on the very bottom shelf, piled amongst other "junk", I spotted this odd wooden bowl.  I immediately bee-lined it for the bowl.  It was coming home with me.  It was $5 (which I'm embarrassed to say seemed a little steep).  When I turned it over I was happily surprised to see a Pottery Barn sticker.

Here she is...

The second I got home I jumped on the computer and found it on the Pottery Barn website.  My wooden bowl was actually a Hand-Carved Wooden Vessel made of mango wood...fancy!  They aren't currently selling it but after a quick eBay search, I found a used one being sold for $75.  Definite score!
 Some spots were discolored and it looked like it could use a cleaning.  From google searches, I determined that I should gently sand the piece and then "polish" with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.  Easy enough. 
This is after some sanding with medium grit sandpaper using a circular motion.

the supplies

I was super excited at this point.  The grain in the wood is so beautiful!

This is the "after" when the oil had absorbed some and I wiped it down with a clean cloth.

Ready for it's closeup.  I have the smaller of the two vessels Pottery Barn sold but it is still pretty large.
Here is the photo from PB's website...

I kind of "stole" the idea of placing books inside.  I'm not sure what it will eventually hold or where in my house it will live...things are always shifting around here!

Oddly enough, on the same trip I also purchased another wooden serving dish.  Sadly, it was just an afterthought when compared to my PB find.  The shape is just too cute and it is huge!  For $2, I think it was a great purchase.

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  1. that is so cool! and i use oil and vinegar on wood floors and furniture, to and it works beautifully- it's the same type of idea as the lemon juice and oil. love how it brings out the natural beauty!

  2. Amazing find! It looks so nice all cleaned up! I wish I lived near your thrift store! :)

  3. I AM JEALOUS! Wow, what a score ... on the jeans AND the bowls! Pottery Barn? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Give yourself a big pat on the back, not only for spotting that treasure, but for bringing it home, cleaning it up, and giving it a new life! Great job! jules

  4. PS, I'd love to follow you but I'm curious what will happen on March 1 when Google Friends Connect shuts down... what are your plans for that???

  5. Love it! Great find. I love thrift shopping and I love to find Unique things.

  6. You really scored! I bought one of those bowls for 7.00 on clearance because it had a crack, uhhhh who cares, added to the charm. I have wanted one for-ever! Isn't thiftin so much fun!

  7. I have some serious wood bowl envy here. LOVE that find and rescue, it is gorgeous! Finds like this keep me haunting the thrift stores.

  8. What a wonderful find! I love the wood bowl and the price was great. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party. hugs, Sherry

  9. Great find - that bowl is fantastic. Thanks for dropping by to visit my brass tray! :)

  10. LUCKY YOU! That is one amazing find!!! So jealous!

  11. What a great find! I totally live the bowl!


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