Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Back!

Wow - an almost two week break from my blog seemed to fly by!  I would like to say that I was knee deep in home projects but that's not the truth.  I think I might have maxed myself out in that department in the month of January.  Instead I was busy, busy getting a jump start on Spring cleaning.  I managed to tackle a few areas in my house that were really starting to become quite the embarrassment.  My guest bedroom looked like a laundry/craft bomb exploded everywhere but thankfully, I am open for business should someone need to stay the night.  I also cleared out the finished section of our basement.  For a few weeks now, my holiday decor was creeping out of the closet, waiting to be organized and put away properly.  That area is now checked off my list!  Now I just need to take care of lots (and I mean lots) of furniture in the unfinished section of the basement.  It's beginning to get stacked to the ceiling and that's no good.  I vow to refinish each piece and keep what I love and sell what I don't.

My daughter's birthday was yesterday.  Even though it was just my parents, two sisters' families and a friend, I tend to go "overboard"...according to my husband.  I honestly can't for the life of me figure out how people who blog daily can plan a party/event.  As her birthday was approaching, it was the only thing I could think of outside of my daily tasks around the house.  Here are a few photos of her special day.  (She was so happy.  And this morning she was so NOT happy to realize it was over for another year.)

A sign I made out of a spare cabinet door that wasn't used in our kitchen renovation.  I knew it would come in handy.  This sign may find it's way above her bed.  It is just too cute!

I'm glad all of the Valentine's Day decor was out...and on sale!  It was perfect for her red/pink theme.  These treat cups from Walmart were $1 for 6.  They were perfect for ice cream sundaes.

People often tell me she looks just like Dora.  I guess the cake decorator thought so too.  He drew this from a photo I dropped off!

I flaked on getting a picture of the toppings set up.  Maybe it had something to do with a hoard of kids surrounding me.  Imagine 10 more just like this (whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, M & M's, gummy bears, cherries, strawberries, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and toffee bits).  These glass containers from Dollar Tree were perfect with printed labels.

She turned the big THREE!  I had another frame that had the words, "R is for Rosie."  It wasn't photo worthy because I didn't do the greatest job with the spray adhesive.  I looked over at one point and it said, "R is or osie."  Oops!

I'm a sucker for twinkle lights.  I tore pieces of the most adorable fabric (three patterns), along with tulle, and tied them in a knot right on the strip of icicle lights.  It was time consuming but a fun project to do while watching TV.  These can be used next year for Valentine's Day or used throughout the year in my daughter's room.

Glad to be back to the regularly scheduled program...aka...paint and a paintbrush.  I have a bureau sitting,  patiently waiting for a makeover and some stair balusters that are screaming to be white! 

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  1. What a sweet party! Happy Birthday Rosalie! And tell her it's Ok to keep the celebration going a little longer!


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