Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The time I started a home design/craft blog for real...

Today is the day.  This blog will be a resolution crossed off my list!

A little about me...I'm a mom to four girls.  They are adorable, smart and funny.  I love to spend time with my family.  When everyone goes to school or bed, I have a paint brush/wood/hammer/level in my hands.  It relaxes me and I get a sense of accomplishment when I see the finished product.  My Dad is a general contractor and can build anything.  I have memories of being 9 or 10 and going to "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" with him.  I vividly remember countersinking nails into molding with a nail set and filling the holes with wood filler.  That was fun for me and still is!       

I've been reading home design/craft/DIY blogs for over a year now.  My google reader is full of them.  Each day I log on and check out some of my favorites.  Their projects are always inspiring - pictures beautiful.  They love to do what I love to do.  Each and every post I think, "Wow, I'd love to have a blog and post all of my projects.  But I can't."  I always come up with a different reason why I shouldn't start a blog.  Well no more excuses.  With my 30th birthday fast approaching I'm hoping to create a blog that encourages non-DIYers.  There is always a chance that your project will fail, many of mine have, but the ones that don't...the special ones - will be so gratifying!

Follow me on this journey while I attack one DIY project at a time...or 20 simultaneously (which drives my husband crazy)!


  1. Welcome! I'm new too ... so I'm following along!

  2. Woo-hoo Jeannie! Congratulations on taking the leap into the blog world! You will love the connetions you make with your followers and other bloggers! And I'll be able to say I knew you from the very beginning!

  3. Good for you for taking the plunge! You've got a really cute blog here & it looks like you're well on your way :) Welcome to blogland!

  4. Thank you for taking this step. It would be interesting to know how helpful it has been for you personally. I like the idea of do follow blogs Great post, I enjoyed reading it,


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