Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our House

This was the MLS listing photo that the previous owners took.  The grass is no longer in exceptional shape and our front deck has since deteriorated but that's another project for another season!
 We bought our first house in 2007.  It's a four bedroom Cape, and although it's not huge, it is much bigger than our previous townhouse.  I was elated to move in!  I remember spending the first few months thanking God for our home every time I did the laundry in our basement instead of a community laundry room. 

The best feature is the amount of storage we now have.  A family of six accumulates a lot over time and (aside from my hoarding furniture/decor) we have plenty of space.  We also have an extra bedroom which affords us an office/guest room.  It's not used nearly as much as the other rooms in the house but it makes a great storage area for my "piles of stuff."  And bonus...our basement is finished.  That means that the kid's toys have a home other than our living room and I don't have to coordinate pillows with a Little Tikes play kitchen!  Our townhouse actually had a large plastic playhouse in the living room.  Those pictures might be fun to dig out!

After passing papers in 2007, we spent a few weeks painting before we moved in on my 25th birthday!  My father-in-law and brother-in-law were kind enough to help us paint each and every room.  Every wall in the house had been white.  Being my thrifty self, I chose a different color for every room in one trip to Home Depot because Behr was having a sale.  In hindsight, I realize that was a big mistake and I should have waited to settle in and see which direction I was going in.  I've since painted over every room (sometimes twice) except the girl's bedrooms.  After painting, I left boxes of the townhouses' home decor sitting in the corner of my living room.  I lived that way until my sisters came for a visit and decided where everything would go.  I had zero confidence in deciding where to hang a picture or mirror.  My house looked the same way for a few years until I stumbled upon the world of home decor blogs.  The possibilities are endless.  The vision I have for making my house a home is slowly becoming a little more clear and I'm loving the process.

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  1. I've got a cape cod style house too! I think yours is newer. Mine has a center chimney. lucky you to have a finished basement!
    Welcome to blogland, I'm your 29th follower. You remind me of myself 20 years ago. ;)


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