Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Many Wonders of Fish Foam - A GIVEAWAY!

I was super excited to be contacted by Fish Foam to hold my first giveaway.  I'm sure everyone has read this review about the product.  There are plenty of other great reviews out there in blog land. 

A few days ago the "big brown truck"  pulled up and I excitedly opened my package.  There were three huge cans of glass cleaner to experiment with.  Now I hate cleaning and try to put it off at all costs but it must be done (especially if company is coming).  I like cleaning products that make my effort minimal.  Enter Fish Foam!

When I'm not taking care of four kids, a husband, a house and blogging, I'm a hair stylist.  I like hair products..and hairspray.  I love hair spray!

What I don't love is this sticky residue overspray that always, always lands on my mirror.  It's hard to see in the picture below but trust me, it's there. 

I'm always up for a competition.  I grabbed my new can of Fish Foam and the "blue stuff".  You know the one.

Certain identities have been concealed to protect companies, ahem, embarrassment.
The blue stuff was sprayed on the left.  I was pretty annoyed that before I could even pop the cap on the can of Fish Foam the blue stuff had already run down and was pooling on the wood molding of the mirror.

Fish Foam on the right.  True to it's name...it foamed immediately and stayed put.


Yikes!  On the left, I had to use some serious muscle and all I was left with was a streaky haze.  There were paper towel particles stuck to the mirror because I was rubbing so hard.  I would have needed to spray the mirror at least 2 or 3 times to get a semi-clean look.

Fish Foam on the right...sparkling clean on the first try.  My arms thanked me.

I ended up cleaning the streaky side on the left with the Fish Foam and was left with a gleaming, streak-free reflection.

My feelings...

I have to let you in on a little secret.  There's another reason I was excited about receiving the Fish Foam product.  I usually take my rings to be cleaned where my husband purchased them but that's not often.  In a pinch, I've used the blue stuff on them.  Maybe I'm not the only one.  I was anxious to give Fish Foam a try on my jewelry.  I just spray a little on being sure to hit the surface and the inside of my rings.  I get into the nooks and crannies with an old toothbush, rinse under warm water and pat dry.  They are now gleaming!

I have yet to clean my windows with Fish Foam but dare I say I'm excited to clean them.  My husband will be pleased when I do.  I know my windows are nasty when my husband notices.

Fish Foam has generously offered 3 of my readers a chance try their product.  The 3 winners will each receive 3 cans of their own (each can is 19 oz!).

I'm not big on rules, so simply leave a comment letting me know you'd like to try Fish Foam out for yourself.  Or answer letting me know how nasty your windows are so I'll feel a little better about my own!

For an additional entry...

Become a follower of Maxwell House Interiors or let me know you're already following along.

That's two chances to win! 
Winners will be selected randomly using random.org and will be drawn on Sunday, 1/29/12 at 12 p.m.!


  1. our windows are pretty gross.... we moved here in october in my defense! i already cleaned out all, or most anyhow, of the dead bugs, but haven't gotten any farther!

  2. I clean my windows maybe 3 times a year. As soon as I clean them they are dirty again with 3 wild boys in the house. i ignore the dirt so i won't notice it! you're not the only one, don't worry!


  3. I hate cleaning mirrors so anything to make it easier will be a pleasure! I'd like to try it please.

  4. Wow... that's interesting to know about Fish Foam. I'm a hairstylist too and I know what you mean about hair spray on the mirror! Not to mention my eye-glasses and the face on my watch too. I'm off to see if I can purchase this product where I live...

  5. Wow! I would love to try the fish foam on my seamless glass shower doors, nothing else seems to work!

  6. I'm already a subscriber.

  7. What a great giveaway Jeannie! I'm so excited to enter. Thanks for the chance and once again, it's so great to meet you here in Blogland!

  8. Foam me up please!!! My car windows are totally disgusting on he inside, what is that stuff anyway??

  9. O I really need this! I assure you my windows want me to win the Fish Foam too! Haha

    1. Hi Tracie. If you could e-mail me at Jeanniemaxwell@hotmail.com to claim your prize, that would be great. There is no e-mail linked to your account so I cannot contact you. Thanks!

  10. Hi Jeannie! I'd love to try this on my shower doors too! I never win anything, so I'm hoping for some good luck. Thank you :)

  11. I want to try Fish foam! :)

  12. Oh my...I would LOVE to give Fish Foam a try! I live at the beach, and needless to say, my windows could pretty much always use a good cleaning. I am a single mom with two kids, and not much time on my hands to get my windows clean. What I would be most interested to try is using it on my shower glass doors!


  13. Just found your blog and am now a follower! So happy to be too! The windows in my 1804 house look like they haven't been cleaned since 1804, so I would LOVE to win a can of foam! My house would be so happy!

    Thank you!


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