Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decluttering in the New Year

We have a small kitchen.  It was recently renovated and is slowly coming together.  One problem with having a small kitchen (especially because you enter the house into the kitchen) is the clutter that lands on the counter tops.  On any given day, there's mail, magazines, bags, food and dishes.  It's a constant battle. 

You see this area right behind the door.  I should be embarrassed to post such pictures but this is real life.  It's always a mess.  Papers/bills/magazines just overflow until my husband or myself gets serious and sorts through it.  Another problem is that phone jack.  It's never been used since we've been here and I'm sick of looking at it.

So I went to TJ Maxx yesterday because I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.  The second I saw this tiered wire bin I knew where I could use it.  I brought it home and inserted three small tabs of paper: Mom, Dad and Girls.  I strategically placed it so the phone jack would be covered when the baskets were full.

Mission accomplished...I can see the counters again! 

After completing a few small projects, my next order of business is posting about our entire kitchen makeover.


  1. I love de-cluttering! I love organizing too! :)

  2. Hi Jeannie, thanks for stopping by my blog... this is the exact wall unit I have!! lol! I love it... love the color of your kitchen walls too! Can't wait to see more!


  3. I LOVE this basket... I want to go to TJ maxx (I love that store!) now too.... Thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope you enjoy blogging it has really done a lot for me! Good Luck!

  4. @RemodelaholicIt's amazing what $19.99 can do. Organizing feels great!

  5. Your totally motivating me to go through that huge pile of paper in my counter top and get organized!

  6. I know all about cards burning holes in your pocket! Love your wire organizer! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes I have made several things out of burlap...pillow, curtains, chair cover, covered a canvas...made my husband a leisure suit (not really, but want to)...visit again soon. Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  7. Love the TJ Maxx find! Just wanted to say thank you again for visiting my blog and leaving a treasured comment. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to watching you transform you very cute cottage!


    I'd love for you to join in on my weekly Show & Tell party. It kicks off on Wednesdays at

  8. Great idea! I've got the same problem in my kitchen. Then it gets moved to the dresser in my room. Ugh. I definitely need one of those bins!



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